Length grader

To sort out the broken beans and other waste Sweere offers three different machines; the vibrating sorting table, length grader and rotary drum size grader.

The vibrating sorting table lets the product hop over the table which has up to 5 openings where waste and smaller parts fall through. The product is nicely separated over the table and makes sure smaller pieces are removed. The vibrating table is also adjustable in height so that workers can inspect the product as the product is transported over the table.

Our length grader uses an rotary bed that consists of a series of rollers, each with an stainless steel shaft and rubber discs that create the pockets. As the pocket rollers rotate the smaller pieces settle in the pockets and are discharged under the machine. The good product cannot settle in the pockets because of the size and are conveyed to the end of the bed.

The rotary drum size grader has a big drum with small pockets where smaller pieces fall into. The drum is rotating at all times and the smaller pieces are transported to the top of the machine and are dropped on a conveyor belt to discharge the waste.

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Vibrating table features:
- Up to five openings
- Easily adjustable

Length grader features:
- Compact machine
- Easy on-the-fly adjustment for rapid fine-tuning

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