Trac Pix

The Trac-Pix for beans is a two row harvesting machine which is to be mounted on your tractor.

The short-coupled Trac-Pix is an ideal harvester for green bean producers who farm smaller plots with tight turns, or those who plant narrower rows. This machine is a self-contained harvesting system that goes anywhere your tractor goes.

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Cleaning system:
Adjustable hydraulically-driven, variable speed 69cm (27") fan, cleans beans as they free fall into awaiting bean hoppers.

Bean hoppers:
Two bean hoppers are always positioned under the fan. There is no need to stop harvesting to change hoppers. A two-position lever adjusts bean flow to the empty proper hopper.

Hydraulic system:
A single self-contained pump unit operates all hydraulic functions on the harvester: one conveyor motor and one fan motor.

Tractor requirements:
3 Point Hitch Category II. Refer to individual tractor manuals for load limitations. 540 RPM PTO with 1-3/8-6 spline SAE.

Height: 2,54 m (8' 4")
Length: 3,24 m (10' 5")
Width: 3,48 m (11' 5")
Hitch: 3 point Category II

Brush belt: 91cm wide (35"). The brushes lean the tops of plants back so they will be picked from top down.
Reel: 91cm wide (36") 16 finger bars multi-density reel picks plant from the top down, gently carrying the crop over and onto the cross conveyor.
Cross Conveyor: 44cm wide (17 1/2") 324cm long (10' 3 1/2") rubber cross conveyor belts conveys beans up to the fan.

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