Sweet corn processing line

Sweere builds complete sweet corn processing solutions that are custom built to suit your needs. Take a look at the individual products on the sweet corn page.

Our lines are compact, easy to use and to maintain. We provide the latest technology, among which special machinery to remove the hair which can remain in between the kernels.

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- High quality, robust machinery, high safety, with a focus on easy maintenance
- Easily adjustable capacity, belt speeds, cutting lengths, husking aggressiveness
- Long life of wear parts due to their high quality (American husker rolls, strong knives from the meat industry, Dutch 3D design)
- Fully stainless steel processing line, no mild (regular) steel.
- A big platform for easy access with two stairs (no ladders) and sufficient place for a second cob cutter.
- Dosing elevator with product height sensor that controls bunker this to ensure a continuous infeed of the line
- Infeed belt and cutting machinery on the same height (easy for the workers)
- Directly driven cutting knives for high capacity and nice cutting surface
- Laser line and adjustable guide to help the workers to place the cobs correctly on the infeed belt of the cutter, to get the correct cut into the first row of kernels
- Our inspection belts can be a regular PVC belt in white, or a roller belt with driven rollers for easy 360 degrees inspection of the corn
- A return belt, bypass belts, to return not husked cobs to the husker
- One central waste line, underneath the line a long hopper with one auger to collect all the waste. then one to elevate it into a container. This collects all waste and transports it to one location, no waste on the floor, no problems with hair and sticky moisture in belts
- We build our processing lines to make an easy to use, clean, and maintain line, whilst giving the best end-result possible

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