Oxbo BH100

For over three decades, fresh market green bean, butter bean and southern pea growers have relied on the effectiveness and efficiency of Oxbo's Pixall™ BH100 Bean harvester. It brings legendary Pixall harvest technology to the fresh market grower.

Growers know that having good quality beans at a fair price, along with availability on a moments notice, means more sales and higher profits. The BH100 allows growers to compete more favorably in a competitive market where finding good reliable help for hand picking is more difficult each year.

The Pixall BH100 allows you to mechanically harvest fresh market beans. This one-row pulled machine uses the same technique as the VPC headers.

This pulled-type machine allows you to increase efficiency, and save on labor. The BH100 delivers fast, high volume picking along with gentle handling, and exceptional quality.

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Height: 2,31m (7ft 7in)
Length: 7,52m (24ft 8in)
Shipping Length: 5,49m (18ft)
Minimum width: 2,06m (6ft 9in)
Weight: approx 1.724kg (3,800lbs)

Rear Packing Platform
Length: 1,52m (5ft)
Width: 1,83m (6ft)
Height: 46cm (18in)
Front bag storage area: 81 x 76cm (2ft 8in x 2ft 6in)

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