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The quality of picked beans is just as important as reducing labor costs and high capacity harvesting. Gentle handling features of the VPC II headers significantly minimizes damage.

Your fresh market customers will appreciate the appealing appearance of beans that rival hand-picking in every way.

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- Stationary reel in connection with adjustable concave to reduce header loss
- Revolutionary header flotation system which gives constant pressure on the ground

The VPCII is available in different sizes:
VPC 1200 3,05m picking width, Compatible with: Oxbo 2430
VPC 1500 3,81m picking width, Compatible with: Oxbo 2430, 2475
VPC 1800 4,57m picking width, Compatible with: Oxbo 2430, 2475

Front brushes
Diameter: 29cm
Function: Gently turns plants into picking reel to improve recovery in varied crop conditions. As the concave adjusts, the plant aligning brushes maintain their angle to the plant.

Diameter: 81,3cm
Fingers 616, 776 or 936 (depending on model) rubber mounted quick detach
Drive: Single hydraulic motor

Material: Stainless steel
Adjustment: Remote from cab with 19,5cm of travel
Position Indicator: Visible from cab

Cross Conveyors
Width: 51cm
Drive: Dual hydraulic motors

Ground Roller
Diameter 20,32cm
Width: 2,83, 3,63 or 4,39m depending on model
Drive: Hydraulic
Flotation: Follows ground contour and maintains picking reel height

Head Drive
Drive: Five hydraulic drive motors power all head functions
Control: Operating speed controlled from the cab, equipped with a reel tachometer

Head flotation
Method: The ground roller senses changes in ground contour and allows the pressure reducing system to smoothly maintain the picking height.
Float: The pressure reducing system simply maintains a pre-determined pressure in the header lift cylinders, to provide immediate response.
Adjustment: Wide range of adjustment allows for varying ground conditions. Maintains float, even in muddy fields.

Head Attachment: Attaches easily in minutes without tools

Overall width: 3,43, 4,20 or 4,96m depending on model
Overall height: 1,52m
Overall length: 2,33m
Net weight: 1.651, 1.966 or 2.286 depending on model

Option: Head transport trailer

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