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Sweet corn picked by the CP100 and CP400 have the same quality as if they were picked by hand. All outer leafs stay intact which will therefore not be damaged. The ears are gently stripped from the stalks and conveyed on soft rubber conveyor belts.

The Pixall CP100, is a one row pulled harvester, which can harvest up to about 1 hectare a day. Delivering high quality, clean, "hand-picked" quality sweet corn while saving on labor.

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Height: 25c9m (102in)
Length: 881cm (347in)
Shipping Length: 569cm (224in)
Width: 236cm (93in)
Weight: 1.678kg (approx 3,700lbs)
Track: 185,4cm (73in)

Clevis type with 4 position adjustable offset tongue

One picking row; 61cm or greater (24in) row spacing

Cleaning System
Cleaning includes one 68.5cm (24in) diameter fan and mechanical drive.

Intake conveyor: 46cm (18in) wide rubberized belt chain with ¼in (3,2cm) cleats.
Center conveyor: 46cm (18in) chain and sprocket
Elevator conveyor: 46cm (18in) wide rubber with 7,6cm D.R. (32in) cleats.

Cutter Blades
One circular blade with 8 sections driven by hydraulic motor.

Grip Belts
Two belts, each driven by a hydraulic motor, spacing adjustable.

Head Flotation
Method: The gauge wheel senses changes in ground contour and is
adjustable to control the cutting height by adjusting hydraulic cylinder.
Float: two coil springs reduce the weight on the gauge wheel. The hydraulic cylinder raises the gauge wheel.
Control: spring tension can be adjust.

27,2 x 77,7cm (10.7 x 30.6in)

Gauge Wheel
Size: 27.9 x 38.1cm (11x15 in)
Function: senses change in ground contour and adjusts head cutting height accordingly.

Height Control
Header height is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder from the tractor and can raise the gauge wheel off the ground for transport.

Capacity (Approx)
Harvesting Speed: 3.2-4.8kph (2 to 3 mph)
Ears/Hour: Up to 600 dozen per hour

Overall Length: 3.65m (12ft)
Width: 46cm (18in)

Hydraulic System
Four hoses with 2.54cm (½in) ORB male thread. One low pressure PTO driven hydraulic pump with filter. 25.5L (27qt) hydraulic reservoir.

Tractor Required
40hp minimum (30kw); 35mm-6 spline 540rpm power take off (PTO); two auxiliary hydraulic circuits needed to power cutter height and head lift cylinders; stationary drawbar.

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