Oxbo - 35 Series Dump Carts

Backed by Oxbo’s three decades of experience proving industry leading dump carts, the new Oxbo 35 series delivers unprecedented durability and increased flexibility in its design. Made to reliably cycle thousands of times, Oxbo dump carts load low and dump high.

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Length of box: 3,95m (12.97ft)
Dump pivot height: 2,74 to 4,57m (9 to 15 ft)
Overall Height: 3,40m (11ft 2 in)
Loading Height (std. box): 3,23m (10ft 7in )
Loading Height (low side box): 2,39m (7ft 10in)

Overall Box Width: 3,30m (10ft 10in)
Dump Tilt Angle: 43 degrees
Ground Clearance: 49,5cm (19.5in)
Capacity (struck) (std. box) 19 cu m (660 cu ft)
Capacity (struck) (low side box) 14,3cu m (505cu ft)
Capacity (struck) (std. box, flared ext) 25cu m (870cu ft)
Dumping Capacity: 13.608kg (30,000lbs)

Wheels & Hydraulics
Wheel Track: 3,05m (120in) 2,82m (111in)
Hub/spindle Rating: 9.072kg (20,000 lbs)
Hyd Reservoir Capacity Requirements: 57L (15 gal)
Hyd Pressure Requirements: 136 bar(2000 psi)
Front Lift Cylinder Size: 14 x 189cm (5.5x 74.5in)
Rear Lift Cylinder Size: 12 x 189cm (4.75 x 74.5in)
Tilt Cylinder: 13 x 175cm (5 x 69 in)

Cycle time & weight
Dump Cycle Time: 2 minutes (directly proportional to hydraulic supply outlet)
Ballast Weight: 1.134kg (2,500 lbs)
Shipping Weight: (varies based on tire size and options) 8.052kg (17,750lbs)

Please note this machine is also available in bigger versions (the 3521 or 3524).

Please refer to the brochure for more information, or contact us by clicking the "Request information" link above. You can also give us a call at: +31 (0) 165 315 536.

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