Corn cutter knife sharpener

To sharpen the knives of the corncutters we have 2 types of knive sharpeners:
- The small sharpener for grinding 1 knive at a time
- The large sharpener for 6 knives at a time

The small sharpener has a grinderbelt attached. There are a couple of supports on the machine to get the correct sharpening position and angle.

The large sharpener works with a knive revolver which has 6 positions. The revolver is specially designed to ensure the knives are always in the correct position. On the machine is a grinding stone. By controlling the spindles you can adjust the knives to the grinding stone and have a smooth grinding.

The sharpener machines are both very exact and establish the perfect cutting angle.

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Grindingmachine Advantages:
- Exact knife radius and angle
- Maintain cut quality
- Increase throughput (correctly sharpened knives cut smoother
and easier.)
- Improved yield

Indicated results: Customers see an increased yield using knives with a consistent and correct angle

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