Harvesting belt foldable

The harvesting belt is a very robust and durable belt that makes it easier and more efficient to harvest your crop. The belt contains a number of unique features making harvesting more ergonomic.

This belt has an innovative folding solution allowing easy transportation of your harvest belt to another place. Folding the belt into the trailer is easy due to the hydraulic system. With this solution the transportation width is limited.

This belt is available in a range of lengths, adapted to the needs of your harvesting.

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- Belt foldable inside the trailer by hydraulic cylinders
- Total work length outside the trailer: 7,50, 9,00 and 11,50m
- Base frame: folded sheetmetal and steel profiles
- The chassis of the belt is constructed out of aluminum
- Hydraulic movement of belt into the trailer (9,00m and 11,50m)
- 4 hydraulically driven nylon sprockets
- Industrial polypropylene intralox belt width of 40cm
- Belt Cleats of 65mm, pitch 380mm
- Flow controller on distributor for speed adjustment
- Hydraulic motion of the belt (9,00 and 11,50m belt)
- Lifting, folding and unfolding hydraulic cylinders 8 without manual intervention (11,50 meter belt)
- Photo electric cell auto stop
- Packing table

- Smaller packing table
- Hydraulic movement of the belt into the trailer
- Support (bridge) for the conveyor to move over the pallets
- Reception area 1,00m
- TDTH 90: Sliding extension of 1,00m
- Double hydraulic hose: price per meter
- Electric-hydraulic reel with a 12 core electric cable length 9,00m
- Electric-hydraulic reel with a 12 core electric cable length 11,50m
- Hydraulic hose reel system
- Flexible hydraulic hose rail
- Roofrail for load securing
- Bars with adjustable foot for load securing
- 2500ltr water tank underneath the trailer floor
- Salad watering kit, electronic - detection to start the hydraulic pump
- Storage frame kit for empty boxes above the belt and at the side of the belt
- Electronic sensor for automatic levelling
- Belt drive electric hydraulic

For more information about this machine, please refer to the brochure or contact us by clicking the "Request information" link above. You can also give us a call at: +31 (0) 165 315 536.

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