Thresher Double Master II

The Double Master II is a versatile machine, capable of collecting peanuts and dry beans. This machine enables you to harvest your beans and peanuts regardless of field or weather conditions, allowing you to give your clients the quality product they deserve.

A smart flotation system follows the contours of the soil to ensure a constant recollecting height. This system increases recovery, and reduces intake of dirt and stones.

Featuring the exclusive FABI: “Low Impact Active Flow System”, the threshing unit can be adjusted to any crop condition, without jeopardizing the harvesting quality.

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- Power required: 85hp (65kw)
- Trailed tractor hitch
- Two hydraulic connections required

Recollecting unit:
- Intake width: 180cm
- Spring type recollecting fingers
- 90 recollecting fingers

Thresher and separation
- Thresher concave diameter: 60cm
- Thresher cylinder length: 27cm
- PTO shaft rotation: 540 rpm

Cleaning system
- Cleaning area of the principal screen: 2,36 m²
- Adjustable air flow
- Turbine diameter: 70cm

Storing system:
- Storage hopper capacity peanuts (estimate): 1.200kg
- Hopper capacity beans: 3.000kg

- Wheel spacing: 109cm
- Wheel size: 467/28 x 8 ply
- Empty weight: 3.750kg
- Width: 245cm
- Length: 660cm
- Height: 430cm

Tires: 376/30 x 10 ply.

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