NEW! Deleafing & floretting machine and decore cabbage

When harvesting cauliflower it is always best to keep the leaves on the cauliflower during transport to shield the florets. Therefore imported crops always arrive with the leaves attached, despite the fact that it is more labor intensive later in the process.

With our new developped module, it is now possible to put cauliflower with leaves onto the machine. The machine automatically cuts the leaves and blows them to the side for separate discharge. After cutting the leaves, our unique way of floretting starts.

The next development made is the decoring of white and red cabbage. As smooth as it decores the cabbage, with just a small change of tooling, it will even decore iceberg lettuce!

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- Leaves protect the crop so they remain fresh
- No damage to the florets during transport
- Further reducing in labor (skip one step in the process)
- Drill to cut away the leaves and make a fresh cut
- Grants the ability to further process the core
- Leaves, florets and cores separated in the machine
- 10” HMI display to easily control the machine
- Sensor to detect the optimum cutting depth
- multiple vegetable processing (cauliflower, broccoli, white cabbage,
red cabbage, iceberg lettuce)
- easy tooling changeover

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