Corn Husker

After the sweet corn is brought in from the field the husker performs the task of efficiently removing the husk from the ear as well as any field debris. The husk free ear is then discharged from the husking bed for further processing.

We offer any size husker to suit your capacity need, as well as multiple options to suit your needs and crop. Please refer to the attached flyer for technical parameters.

Depending on the roll setup, the husker can be used for fresh market and processed sweet corn as well as seed corn.

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- Stainless steel construction
- Feeding hopper
- Vibratory feed pan
- Husker roll bed of 4, 8, 12 or 16 lanes of steel shafts
- Can be used for both sweet corn and seed corn

- Motorized or hand-wheel husking bed tilt system
- Automatic lubrication system
- Air manifold
- Frequency controller
- Different rolls

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