Celery Harvester

Based on the proven and perfected “collection belt system” the machine lifts the celery plants without damaging them. The system is hydraulically powered by a stand-alone system, which can be adjusted from the platform, as well as from the tractor.

These machines are customizable to some extent, contact us to find out what solution we can offer you.

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How the machine works:
- The soft gathering belts of the harvesting element collect the leafs while a moving system cuts the leafs just above the roots in a way that the leafs remain connected
- The soft belts move the celery to a certain height where the product is placed on an inspection belt
- The workers on the platform inspect the celery and re- cut if necessary
- After this inspection they collect the celery in boxes and clean them with water

- Tractor mounted machine
- Four gathering belts to lift
- Moving knives to cut the celery
- Two Inspection conveyor belts on the platform
- Enclosed platform on wheels
- A small tire under of platform on the left side and a big one on the right side for support
- Hydraulic pump unit on the PTO, hydraulic tank and valves on the platform
- Lights

- Capacity depends on the amount of workers, working for the fresh market and for the best quality you can process about 500pcs per hour per worker. If you are on the platform with 3 people your capacity is 1500pcs celery per hour
- Capacity for the industry is 2 or 3 times more depending on requirements

- Kit for automatic depth control, to control the depth of the knifes and gathering belts

Tractor requirements:
- 80hp
- Creep gear box
- Three point hitch
- 540 RPM PTO
- 12 Volt electric socket

For more information about this machine, please refer to the brochure or contact us by clicking the "Request information" link above. You can also give us a call at: +31 (0) 165 315 536.

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